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March 10th, 2006 | 09:45 pm
mood: tiredtired
posted by: uncle_james in aidslifecycle

The latest Pearl Izumi jersey I'm drooling over:

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Comments {4}


(no subject)

from: le_lapin
date: March 11th, 2006 08:45 am (UTC)

Cool jersey indeed!!

I'm participant #1050 - thank you for supporting me, any donation helps

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Jo Problems

(no subject)

from: monkeypunk
date: March 11th, 2006 04:00 pm (UTC)

My mind must be a little warped... it looks like Ernie just suggested a deviant sexual act involving a banana and Bert is mad. I love it.

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(no subject)

from: uncle_james
date: March 11th, 2006 07:20 pm (UTC)

Why do you think I love it so? :o)

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Rico Suave

(no subject)

from: c6400sc
date: March 15th, 2006 06:17 am (UTC)

let's start a team!

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