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SF category two training ride series do over

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March 10th, 2006 | 09:24 am
posted by: jamisononfire in aidslifecycle

For those of you in the SF area who started training your training a little late for the Category 2 training ride series, we're starting a second round of the series starting the end of this month at the AIDS/LifeCycle EXPO event on Saturday March 26, and run every Saturday until the ride.

Each week we'll be tacking on about 10% to the ride (with a few rest weeks in their as well) so by the end you'll be ready for the ride itself.

We're still working out the first ride to fit with EXPO, but keep an eye on the training calendar or for a list of just the Category 2 second series ride, keep an eye on my ride leader page for my upcoming rides.

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