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should I stay or should I go? (feedback welcome!)

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March 8th, 2008 | 04:25 pm
posted by: kateorama in aidslifecycle

Hey ALCers -- this post ends in a question, but there's a lot of backstory.

I did ALC6 and LOVED IT, and am signed up for ALC7. I'm struggling, though, with a decision about riding or not riding this year. My original plan was to do the ride, come back, teach for five weeks (very high stress, but extra income), and then go home (east coast) for the summer to help my mom with her old-age issues -- moving to an assisted living facility, getting the house ready to sell, etc.

That sounded like too much, and I'm already awash in stress and anxiety most of the time. Plus, my work life has been so busy I've hardly had time to bike (just once a week, starting in January). So I decided I would not ride, and I would just donate what I'd already raised to one of my friends who is doing the ride again this year.

So now it's March, and when I was biking today, I thought about missing ALC7 and I totally started to cry. And then I thought -- well, I *could* skip the summer teaching instead. I could do the ride (or roadie if it's not too late, or travel in parallel (in my car) and be one of those delightful community members who hand out treats or cheer people on or whatever).

So now I'm kinda stuck. I can check out the roadie option for myself (I'm guessing it's too late), and I know I can volunteer at the registration/orientation or the first day. But what would it take at this point for me to be able to actually do the ride? Last year, I did 1500 miles of training from January to the start of ALC6. So far this year, I've biked maybe 200 miles. Haven't done back-to-back rides yet. Longest ride so far was 45 miles.


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Should I Stay or Should I Go

from: chickbike
date: March 9th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)

Hey Kate,
My sister's longest ride prior to last year's ALC was 40 miles. She rode every mile. So I don't think it is too late shoulde you decide to ride. There are still plenty of training rides on the calendar. In fact many more options than when we did our first ride last year.

I also don't think it is too late to switch to roadie should you decide that, but you should look into as soon as possible as I heard that would close very soon. Email or call Kim Lembo of the ALC as she knows all things roadie.

No matter what you decide it was great riding with you last year and I hope to see you on a few training rides.

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Re: Should I Stay or Should I Go

from: kateorama
date: March 10th, 2008 03:54 am (UTC)

Thanks Annette, for the support and the suggestions. I've been missing the training rides (you know, not just physically, but emotionally), but it's cool knowing you're out there supporting the riders!

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