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AIDS/LifeCycle photo pool on Flickr

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November 25th, 2005 | 03:29 pm
posted by: jamisononfire in aidslifecycle

During the ride this year I took a lot of photos and when I got home posted an album to my Flickr account.

I started poking around to find other ALC participants and started an AIDS/LifeCycle Photo Group to collect everyone's photos together.

As we're starting our training and fundraising for ALC 5 I want to invite everyone using Flickr to contribute their photos as well. I started it after the ride, so most of the photos are of the event itself, but I hope that over the next 8 months it will include a lot of training rides, photos from fundraising parties and other non-cycling ride related pictures.

I didn't do it so much with photos for ALC4, but I wrote a lot about my training on my site and it definitely helped with the fundraising. My hope is that documenting everything we do to get ready in pictures will help as well.

the photo group is open for anyone to join who already has a Flickr account.

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Comments {2}

My lady of the Various Sorrows

(no subject)

from: missmorte
date: November 26th, 2005 02:43 am (UTC)

I gave you maintainer privelages! You can make it look anyway you like. My only request is that you keep the ankh ribbon up somewhere as that is my teams logo. So we'll share mod duties for now, hope that works for you. I'm glad you're getting such an early start. After four years my donors are sufferring from burn out so I'm not sure if I'm "officially" participating in 2006. I'll be around one way or another though even if it is just to help my team out.

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Thank you

from: jamisononfire
date: November 26th, 2005 04:25 am (UTC)

I've had met a lot of riders who take a year off from every few years both because of the donor fatigue and just to try something else. This year I met several people who'd come back after a year or two off with such energy and drive to in a way kind of be "home again".

I replaced the Ankh as the default userpic so anyone who comes across this community will know what's up, but I'm leaving it in the userpics and I've rewritten the biography to include it and you as the founder of the community. I hope you approve. Maybe we should carve out a place for all teams that are involved in the community? (Team Apocalypse always being first in honor of you founding the community.

Thank you for giving me moderator permission, since I started working on a couple projects for LiveJournal, I've been checking in on this community several times a day. I'm really glad that I've been able to do a little work to grow this community as part of my job.

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