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learning lessons

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April 17th, 2006 | 08:21 am
mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated (and relieved)
posted by: le_lapin in aidslifecycle

I think I made all possible mistakes yesterday.

I arrived at home quite late, later than expected and completely exhausted.

The red dotted line shows the actual path. I didn't ride until Chagny, though wished I had. I may not have ridden 60 km/37miles but going across the mountain is well worth the extra mileage I would have done following la voie verte canal.

Short cut my foot. At times it was so steepy I had to step down.

I started rather late (4:30PM), didn't bring water nor food, had no map (some villages only indicate nearest villages around not main cities - I got lost several times).
I had a spare tube and a pump with me but it's a good thing, a very good thing I did not get a flat.

When I finally reached some main road and a bloody 'Chalon/Saône' sign, I couldn't care less how numb my privates had become. All I wanted was a shower, a drink and my bed.

The good night helped put things into perspective. Today is going to be  . This puts me in a better situation than many in the bay area who can hardly train because of the rain... I think I'll go back on a road I know and play safe this time.

Next week, today and this time I should be waiting or maybe already being interviewed for my visa at the american embassy in Paris. If it turns out I don't get one chances are a murder will take place.

I'm participant #1050 - thank you for supporting me, any donation helps


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