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Welcome All!

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March 12th, 2006 | 09:08 am
posted by: jamisononfire in aidslifecycle

There are still a few months for training and fundraising ahead before we set off on our 585 mile ride from SF to LA, but this week the AIDS/LifeCycle television series "The Ride: Seven Days to End AIDS" begins airing on television this was a great time for ljkrissy to spotlight our community on the LJ home page.

If this is the first you're hearing of it, the AIDS/LifeCycle is an annual cycling event to raising money for lifesaving AIDS services and programs and services of the events sponsors theSan Francisco AIDS Foundation and LA Gay & Lesbian Center and raise awareness of AIDS, which you might think by now would not need it, but there still is no cure, no vaccine and is still spreading.

On Our Way Rest Stop Half the Way to LA Candlelight Ceremony (2) Group Shot tent tryptic Nice Hair
More photos in the AIDS/LifeCycle Flickr Group

Last year I was one of the 1,600 cyclists, all of us had raised at the very least $2,500, who rode in AIDS/LifeCycle 4 along with the 400 volunteer roadies who take care of everything else to make sure we get there.

Riding last year was the first time I had done anything like this in my life. I had probably never ridden more than 25 or 30 miles, but a I'm not out of shape, though I'd probably never ridden more than 25 or 30 miles, but a close friend had recently become HIV+ and when I was asked to sign up I didn't hesitate. All of us have been effected by HIV/AIDS and I can't find the words to express what its like spending a week surrounded by 2,000 other people, all of us giving this everything we've got to make a difference.

missmorte founded this community so we can support each other, and I hope if you're not already a rider or roadie and you're still reading this, you are interested enough to join us (it's not to late to sign up) or will consider sponsoring a rider.

Thanks for dropping by and checking out our community.

-Jamison (Rider No. 1299)

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Comments {2}

A Domesticated Hippie

How does one do this?

from: goatbasher
date: March 13th, 2006 09:01 pm (UTC)

I'm from Indiana...very poor...but bike riding is my thing...I ride usually at least 20 mi a day (somtimes more) for transportation purposes...Is there anyway I can participate or get something like that started here....I very much like to help in this cause.

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Re: How does one do this?

from: jamisononfire
date: March 14th, 2006 12:06 am (UTC)

Well, the AIDS/LifeCycle is pretty specific to this one ride from SF to LA, but there may be a local AIDS organization which puts on something similar. Outside cycling, there are two AIDS Walks held in Indiana.

If you're willing to travel though, there's no reason why you can't come join us on AIDS/LifeCycle 5 this summer. le_lapin is coming from France to ride, though it does make training a little harder on your own.

You can always sponsor one of us to help, but you probably would rather look into how you can help support AIDS services in your own community first.

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